What we do

Here's what our app does

Crisis management

We’ve got your back when it comes to any type of crisis. Between customizable emergency resource options that can be adapted to you needs and geo-location as well as code red, a mode that when activated sends texts to family and friends warning that you’re in a crisis, Wellio knows how to take care of you.

Predictive logging

Our logs aren’t like just any other mood tracking app-we provide a unique and immersive experience unlike anything else on the market today. You’ll be able to keep track of your moods, symptoms, and activities with ease in Wellio. The cool part is that under the hood is an artificial neural net. The more you log, the better Wellio gets to know you and your patterns and will be able to identify trigger behaviors in patterns that may not be obvious to us. Wellio can comb through your data and make suggestions on how to improve your wellness through individualized recommendations as well as custom coping skills to fit your needs.

Coping skills

Our cloud sourced library of coping skills helps you get through any type of day. Whether it be stressful, sad, or just to much to think about we’ve got just the thing for you. Connect with our ever growing library of professionally vetted exercises to alleviate the pressure life throws at you

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